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European rating agency. Objective, transparent, independent.

Long-Term Local Currency Senior Unsecured Issues

BMW Finance N.V.

Rating History

Rating Watch Outlook Decision Date Action Validity Date Maximum Validity
A Outlook NEG 07.04.2020 15.04.2020
A+ Outlook NEG 03.01.2020 10.01.2020
A+ 02.11.2018 09.11.2018


  • 15.04.2020
    Creditreform Rating amended the corporate issuer rating of BMW AG, BMW Finance N.V. and the rating of the long-term currency (LC) senior unsecured issues from A + / negative to A / negative as part of the monitoring process during the year. The main reasons for this are the current macroeconomic upheavals, which CRA believes are increasingly the result of the COVID-19-pandemic and could affect the BMW Group to a considerable extent. This is particularly the case considering the temporary plant closings and the associated production stoppages, which can lead to significant sales and earnings losses. The duration of the plant closings is currently not foreseeable. As part of its periodic reviews, CRA examines further negative implications on the net assets-, financial- and earnings position of the BMW Group.
  • 10.01.2020
    Creditreform Rating has set BMW AG's unsolicited corporate issuer rating to A +. The outlook is negative and reflects the company's own expectations regarding a further decline in earnings for the 2019 financial year, which could also be confirmed in 2020. With the unsolicited corporate issuer rating, BMW AG continues to have a high level of creditworthiness and a low default risk. The operational and financial performance of the BMW Group is decisive for the rating assessment, which is satisfactory despite the deterioration in earnings quality, high levels of competition, technological change and capital intensity of the business. The BMW Group's long-established capital market capability has a stabilizing effect. The reduction in sales and the significantly declining annual result in 2018 have a negative effect on our rating assessment.
  • 09.11.2018
    Based on the unsolicited corporate issuer rating of BMW Finance N.V. (A+/stable), Creditreform Rating has conducted unsolicited corporate issue ratings (ISIN) issued by BMW Finance N.V. . The rating objects in question are exclusively long term senior unsecured issues denominated in Euro, which have been issued by BMW Finance N.V. and included in the list of ECB-eligible marketable assets. The ECB list of eligible marketable assets can be found on the ECBs website. All the following issues (ISIN) are rated with A+.

ISIN Liste

ISIN Action Validity Date Maximum Validity
XS2221879153 27.08.2020
XS2159892756 25.04.2020
XS2122422921 26.02.2020
XS2102357105 18.01.2020
XS2102357014 18.01.2020
XS2102355588 18.01.2020
XS2055728054 01.10.2019
XS2055727916 01.10.2019
XS2041043527 21.08.2019
XS2010447238 18.06.2019
XS2010445026 18.06.2019
XS1999888321 29.05.2019
XS1999675926 25.05.2019
XS1948612905 16.02.2019
XS1948611840 16.02.2019
XS1936658530 19.01.2019
XS1911663026 24.11.2018
XS1910245676 24.11.2018
XS1910245593 24.11.2018
XS1823246712 09.11.2018
XS1475046675 09.11.2018
XS1747444831 09.11.2018
XS1823246803 09.11.2018
XS1873143645 09.11.2018
XS1589881785 09.11.2018
XS1168962063 09.11.2018
XS1548436473 09.11.2018
XS1396261338 09.11.2018
XS1015217703 09.11.2018
XS1747444245 09.11.2018
XS0877622034 09.11.2018
XS1789175798 09.11.2018 06.03.2020
XS0729046218 09.11.2018 18.01.2019
XS1587249878 09.11.2018 29.03.2019
XS1587935559 09.11.2018 05.04.2019
XS1614420468 09.11.2018 17.05.2019
XS1363560548 09.11.2018 15.07.2019
XS1646531886 09.11.2018 17.07.2019
XS1646584570 09.11.2018 17.07.2019
XS1015212811 09.11.2018 17.07.2019
XS1767078956 09.11.2018 15.08.2019
XS1618349804 09.11.2018 25.11.2019
XS1848859564 09.11.2018 02.01.2020
XS1168971213 09.11.2018 21.01.2020
XS1757690307 09.11.2018 24.01.2020
XS1766515479 09.11.2018 06.02.2020
XS1766726761 09.11.2018 10.02.2020
XS1638160918 09.11.2018 04.01.2019
XS1800153535 09.11.2018 27.03.2020
XS1396260520 09.11.2018 15.04.2020
XS1836421971 09.11.2018 12.06.2020
XS1844212081 09.11.2018 26.06.2020
XS1589881272 09.11.2018 03.07.2020
XS1864443616 09.11.2018 10.08.2020
XS0968316256 09.11.2018 04.09.2020
XS1882672113 09.11.2018 21.09.2020
XS1895108022 09.11.2018
XS1321956333 09.11.2018
XS1548436556 09.11.2018
XS1873143561 09.11.2018
XS1363560977 09.11.2018
XS1105276759 09.11.2018