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European rating agency. Objective, transparent, independent.

Société Générale SA (Konzern)/Preferred Senior Unsecured

Société Générale SA

Rating History

Rating Watch Outlook Decision Date Action Validity Date Maximum Validity
BBB+ Watch NEW 24.03.2020 28.03.2020
BBB+ 16.08.2019 26.08.2019
BBB+ Watch UNW 18.06.2019 21.06.2019
BBB+ 23.05.2018 07.06.2018


  • 28.03.2020
    Creditreform Rating has set the rating of all valid bank ratings and bank issues to watch negative due to the currently not assessable impact of the Corona Crisis. Not affected by this rating action are government related banks. We refer to the free available Monitoring Report for a more detailed explanation.
  • 26.08.2019
    Creditreform Rating has affirmed the rating of Société Générale SA (Group) with BBB+. The outlook is stable. In addition, Creditreform Rating affirmed the rating of Additional Tier 1 with BB- and the rating of Tier 2 with BB. The rating of the preferred senior unsecured debt class was also affirmed at BBB+ (after reclassification from senior unsecured debt). The rating of the non-preferred senior unsecured debt was set to BBB.
  • 21.06.2019
    Creditreform Rating AG has revised its rating methodology for the rating of "Bank Capital and Unsecured Debt Instruments". Henceforth, only the revised version of the rating methodology ("Version 2.0") will be applied. Moreover, all current ratings of bank capital and unsecured bank instruments will be reviewed as part of our current monitoring and receive therefore the rating supplement "watch". Our revised rating methodology can be found at
  • 07.06.2018
    Creditreform Rating has set the rating of Société Générale SA to BBB+, with stable outlook. Creditreform Rating has also determined the ratings of the debt classes as follows. The rating of Additional Tier 1 was set to BB-, the rating of Tier 2 to BB and the rating of the Senior Unsecured to BBB+.

ISIN Liste

ISIN Action Validity Date Maximum Validity
FR0013531399 02.09.2020
FR0013486701 04.03.2020
FR0125977613 24.01.2020
XS2007968022 24.09.2019
FR0013444841 18.09.2019
XS2008226412 06.09.2019
FR0013422003 07.06.2019
DE000A192VT1 15.03.2019
FR0013394699 15.03.2019
FR0125441271 15.03.2019
XS1778380631 15.03.2019
XS1778601580 15.03.2019
XS1797024012 15.03.2019
DE000A1Z4N54 03.12.2018
XS1842884279 03.12.2018
XS0526814487 03.12.2018 30.07.2020
XS1418786890 03.12.2018
FR0125260911 03.12.2018 04.11.2019
FR0010975839 03.12.2018
XS1369614034 03.12.2018
XS0423488724 03.12.2018 02.05.2019
XS0917435314 03.12.2018
FR0125172785 03.12.2018 04.11.2019
XS0813929436 03.12.2018
FR0124990021 03.12.2018 20.04.2020
XS0802756683 03.12.2018
FR0010975664 03.12.2018
XS0813930368 03.12.2018
FR0125196404 03.12.2018 04.11.2019
XS1264795060 03.12.2018
XS0434415583 03.12.2018 29.06.2020
XS1500337644 03.12.2018
FR0013365491 03.12.2018
XS0596704170 03.12.2018
DE000A193TV9 03.12.2018
XS0679588292 03.12.2018
FR0124885882 03.12.2018 01.08.2019
XS0876828541 03.12.2018 23.01.2020
FR0011002229 03.12.2018
XS1324923520 03.12.2018
FR0010967182 03.12.2018
FR0125240764 03.12.2018 13.03.2019
XS1285221401 03.12.2018 05.09.2019
XS0437072993 03.12.2018 01.07.2019
XS1842876416 03.12.2018
FR0119913368 03.12.2018
XS0619542797 03.12.2018